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Danza Duende, what is it ?

Danza Duende project is twofold.

1 · The training Danza Duende

gathers tools to “dance your life”. Through this vision, each activity is art and all lives are a dance. Our investigation is about the art of being and the art of meeting. Manifesting through all kinds of forms, this dance is attached to none of them and is not limited to “dance” itself.

Intro Level 0

2 · The network experiences

which aims at making real situations based on our authentic experience of the synergy* phenomenon. Sharing a common source – our trainings – and serving a collective result, each one of us develops it's own projects


* "Synergy may be defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a greater and not independently obtainable result."   Wikipédia


SENSORIUM travail d'ancrage du souffle, dans l'anatomie, les rythmes du souffle, la conscience de l'espace et l'ouverture dans le temps.

"Tourner, Respirer, Danser et Chanter ENTRE CIEL & TERRE."   La Danse Sacrée
qui ouvre le coeur tout simplement.


Danza Duende, why ?

To study and/or Teaching Danza Duende

Why study Danza Duende ?

○   Dare to be authentic
○   Living life everyday with Art
○   Flexibilizar cuerpo y mente
○   Be calm, listening, speaking
○   Creating shapes from chaos
○   Learning to learn
○   Letting Go
○   Improving the management of energy
○   Meeting oneself as they are and as others see us
○   Developing resilience in a changing world and fast continuous
○   To stimulate curiosity for its own potential and that of others
○   eveloping tolerance, generosity and patience daily.

Why teach Danza Duende ?

···Insert in learning physical techniques, verbal and intellectual openness to a body awareness, spatial and emotional.

     ✓ ex → he eye pupils to see the space across the mirror (for a dance class) instead of being limited to focus their view on the forms.

     ✓ ex → learning to drive, including work on the perceptions and physical postures, emotional and mental.

···Host the means to cultivate emotional intelligence and mindfulness into educational formats, with the intention of promoting the future adaptation of students to an ever-changing world of rapid change.

 1 . The human and artistic excellence through the discovery of our natural potential.

 2 . The transmission of universal ethical and spiritual dimensions in learning the art.

 3 . The notion of individual responsibility and universal in the disclosure and the art trade.

 4 . Free themselves from ignorance.

 5 . Demystifying the concept of the "accursed artist" which translates into a subtle fascination for destructive attitudes.

 6 . The establishment of a strong spirit of solidarity and trust in the artistic community.

 7 . The infinite openness, curiosity and respect for all forms of knowledge without discrimination and without value judgment.

 8 . Art in everyday life beyond the intellectual elitism or extension.

 9 . The permanent establishment of a culture that values kindness and "conscious interdependence" through the recognition of public artistic expressions by altruistic allocation of private funds.

10 . A very different perspectives and goals on education to help develop holistic development of our students.

Duende training is appropriate for artists and educators, who feel the need to go deeper into their creative inspiration, to intensify their capacity to be present and generous. It is a long term learning process of discovering the source of our innermost potential, to work on all aspects of our lives, as if we were dancing them.

Danza Duende, how ?

The Training Danza Duende offers three aspects.

Danza Duende
The training to become a Danza Duende teacher consists of 6 levels. Most of these workshops are intensive residential retreats.

The Five Seasons
Thematic workshops about the 5 elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Space, based on the structure of the 5 Wisdoms Mandala.

Dakini's Breath
A workshop based on a research of the body of light, represented by Dakinis of Wisdom, “skydancers”. The workshop ends by a collective choreographic creation.

Mindfulness and Sensuality
Workshops on mindfulness, to dance your life and fully appreciate it.

Unconditional Joy
Laboratory on the topic of Zorba the Greek's character.

The Breathe of Dance with Raji & Mudra

Oriental Duende
Dances in which feminine circular movements rest on the masculine axis.

Warrior Duende
Martial art exercises in which masculine strength and determination are born within the space of the heart.

A Dance in circle, which has a very precise choreography .To be danced in large groups to create alive mandalas.

Gypsy Duende
Celebration of life through the alchemy of suffering, by music and dance in communities.

Theater Duende
Intensifying presence and compassion through body, voice, and emotions “in live”.

Tango Duende
Tango Duende with Elisabeth Mullier

Jazz Duende
Jazz means freedom, rhythm and fluidity, strength and lightness, impulse and conscience, movement and pause, structure and capacity of improvisation.

Danse Therapy Duende
Using movement to express our emotions and our inner world, to facilitate interpersonal relationships, to become aware of our habitual patterns and to learn to "let go".

Clown Duende
A Journey where poetic madness and the roar of laughter join in the genuine heart of sadness.

Anima Duende

Renacer a la vida

Cuentos de Maria José

Multitude of thematic laboratories created by Danza Duende teachers.
Laboratories are in constant creation. More details , contact the teachers !


Le récit imaginé par Henry Bauchau (Œdipe sur la route, Antigone,...) est dense et puissant. Il se vit comme une aventure. De celles qui marquent et offrent un souffle de sagesse. Stéphanie Van Vyve est Diotime. Vibrant(e).

Scénographie : Brigitte Hoornaert
Musique et lumière : Nicolas Marchant
Avec Stéphanie Van Vyve et Ozan Aksoyek, Sous l'oeil complice de Pietro Pizzuti et Yumma Mudra.

Une coproduction des Riches-Claires
et de la Fabuleuse Troupe.

Agenda & Infos

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Mudriam · Brussels

Raji Mudra · Chorésophes


Yumma Mudra
Watch the video about Yumma Mudra at TEDxIHECS
Founder of Danza Duende.
Yumma Mudra is the author of the book "La Voie qui Danse".

Yumma Mudra

has been practicing whirling since her childhood. A tantric dancer, she is inspired by the traditions of the Wisdom Dakinis. She has gathered in her art the keys to undertake the transmutation of emotions, awareness of space and the union of masculine and feminine.

DAKiNi as Art Project

Through the creation

of the Danza Duende project, she has effectively experienced several ways to enhance the openness of our hearts, a global synergy with awareness and interdependence, and the culture of kindness in the process of artistic rigor and of an intimate loneliness towards solidarity.

TEDX · Yumma Mudra

Amazon Order 72H

Since 2013,

she has joined Michel Raji and his work on the breath and together they toured the performance "The Dance of the Breath" and "the Perfume of the Rose". They have created SAMAYA, a Choreosophy ritual in which they celebrate their reunion on "the Way which Dances".


  • The Lover is ever drunk with love, he is mad, she is free. He sings with delight, she dances with ecstasy.
    Jalal ud Din Rumi
    1207 - 1273
  • Each activity is an art and your live is a dance... Dance your life !
    Mudra Choresophe
  • An artistic quest where the act of dancing becomes a way of knowledge.
    Yumma Mudra
    La Voie qui danse

Dancing your Life !

Authentic in your art, Artist in your life.

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